I am a PhD candidate at CREED, University of Amsterdam and the Tinbergen Institute, under the supervision of Theo Offerman and Giorgia Romagnoli.

My research is in behavioral and experimental economics.

I am interested in experimental approaches to study information effects in strategic interactions. In one line of research, I work on how information affects behavior in persuasion games and auctions. In a second line, I am studying how interacting within markets shapes our morality and what we deem fair.

I am on the academic job market in 2022/23.

You can find my CV here. My job market paper is titled "Persuading an audience: Testing information design in the laboratory" and is available here.

Contact me at a.g.b.ziegler@uva.nl or at +31 648 533 849.

Placement team:

Eric Bartelsman: e.j.bartelsman@vu.nl (placement director)

Arianne de Jong: a.dejong@tinbergen.nl (placement assistant)